Air Tank

Air Tank
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  • Air Tank
  • Air Tank
  • Air Tank

Air Tank

  • Product No.: 2020131171332
  • Price: 35 USD


 Compressed Air Receiver, Air Receiver, Receivre, Air Tank, Tank


1, Moveable Screw Compressor with Air Receiver or Portable Screw Compressor with Air Tank (4kW ~ 11 kW)
2, Stationary Screw Compressor (4kW ~ 400kW) 
A, Air Cooled and Belt Drive Screw Compressor (4kW ~ 45kW)
B, Air Cooled or Water Cooled and Belt Drive or Direct Drive Screw Compressor (55kW ~ 400kW)
3, Variable Speed Drive Screw Compressor (22kW ~ 315kW)
4, Special Screw Compressor for special working condition (high magnetic field, a great deal of dust, high temperature, greatly-corrosive substances and voltage volatile)

5gallon 19L


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